#2 - STEFAN PASBORG ''Love Me Tender'' (limited edition vinyl EP)

#2 - STEFAN PASBORG ''Love Me Tender'' (limited edition vinyl EP)


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STEFAN PASBORG ''Love Me Tender''
feat. Mikko Innanen, Liudas Mockunas & Nicolai Munch-Hansen.

Recorded live at Tampere Jazz Festival and Coimbra Jazz Festival.




All arrangements by Stefan Pasborg.

Stefan Pasborg (drums & percussion)
Mikko Innanen (baritone saxophone)
Liudas Mockunas (tenor saxophone)
Nicolai Munch-Hansen (electric bass)

Recorded live at Tampere Jazz Festival in Finland, November 2013 by YLE and at Coimbra Jazz Festival in Portugal, June 2014 by JACC.
Mixed / mastered @ Karmacrew by John Fomsgaard.
Cover design by Rasmus Meisler / Spild af Tid.

Thanks to: Tampere Jazz Festival, Coimbra Jazz Festival, Jazz ao Centro Clube, Pedro Costa, Juhamatti Kauppinen, José Miguel Pereira, Culturgest, YLE.
Special thanks to Liudas, Mikko and Nicolai for all the great moments with this band between 2011-2015.

This album is dedicated to the memory of Nicolai Munch-Hansen.

Elvis Presley meets Albert Ayler!?
Well... this album is the result of that clash.
I grew up being an Elvis-fan when I was a little kid. In fact, the very first music I really responded to, was when hearing ‘Jailhouse Rock’ as a six-year-old.
At that time I didn’t really pay attention to the tune ’Love Me Tender’. I guess it was too sweet for my taste... I was mostly into the up-beat tunes!
It was not until around 30 years later, when I tried out ’Love Me Tender’ for fun in an improvised setting, that I realised how great a tune it actually is!
I presented it for this band, and we used it in our concerts as the opening tune during the following years... Each time very different from the others.
The combination of the abstract “Ayler-ism" that we add to the melody on these recordings, really creates a special mood, I think…
And it’s a fine way for me to draw a direct line from the little kid who liked Elvis, to the adult improvising drummer that I am today.
Therefore it’s quite natural for me to name this album ’Love Me Tender’.
The band performing on this album is called ’Free Moby Dick’.
A band I started as a result of my passion towards playing some of the iconic rock-riffs and songs, which had made an impact on me along the way. But to play them within a very free and abstract approach!
Our first album from 2012 contained six “standards from the history book of rock’n’roll” performed in my own way... And the same goes for this album!
6 tracks originally by Elvis Presley, Led Zeppelin, Tom Waits, Wolfmother and The Doors, twisted into a direction in which my three buddies and myself could easily use them as platforms for improvisation, and thereby create something new and hopefully interesting.
I’m very happy now to release the second album with ’Free Moby Dick’. It was always great fun to play live with this band, and I sincerely hope you’ll enjoy the vibe on this album.